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On commercial trucks, air dryers are mounted between the air compressor and the “wet tank”. Water vapour, oil vapour, and other impurities are filtered away before they reach the air tanks and valves. As a result, it prevents freeze-up during the winter and hence extends  the life of air valves. With decades of professional experience, you could rely on the stability of our quality, pricing and service.

Air Dryer Features

  • Spin On Cartridge
  • Higher Drying Capacity 
  • Provides great water absorption 
  • High product life span 
  • 2 Mounting options available
  • Application: Any brand (Mercedes,Volvo, Scania… etc) of Trucks/ Trailers/ Busses/ Coaches/ Heavy Duty Vehicles/ Commercial Vehicles

Please Note: All Truck Parts Limited (ATP) is an aftermarket manufacturer and distributor who specialise in custom made truck and trailer parts. We offer OEM/ODM and B2C services to customers as well. The above are the combined and common features that are found in air brakes. Due to redundant information, we do not list all of our products but we welcome your inquiry for products or models that could not be found on the website. The final decision of the product is subject to both parties’ agreement.

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