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A brake disc is typically an iron disc linked to a truck’s suspension and gripped by brake pads contained in a brake calliper. The friction between the brake disc and the pads is what causes the car to a stop. 

ATP has a broad selection of brake discs that have excellent durability, operate safely and are compatible with a wide range of commercial and heavy-duty trucks.


  • Grey cast iron
  • Improved hot crack
  • Enhanced wear resistance 
  • High carbon content
  • Good heat absorption rates
  • Excellent dimensional stability across a wide range of temperatures
  • Long service life
  • Simple design with minimal components
  • High flow capacity
  • Application: Any brand (Mercedes,Volvo, Scania‚Ķ etc) of Trucks/ Trailers/ Busses/ Coaches/ Heavy Duty Vehicles/ Commercial Vehicles

Please Note: All Truck Parts LIMITED (ATP) is a manufacturer and supplier of custom-made truck and trailer aftermarket parts. We service both OEM/ODM and B2C clients too. We provide a vast assortment of high-quality aftermarket and compatible replacement parts at a reasonable price. We will not be able to post all of our products; however, if there are any goods or models that you are looking for that are not included on our website, please let us know and our customer representatives will get back to you with details and a quote of your enquiry. The final choice on the product is reliant on the agreement of both parties.

Please download the catalog for more specific parts.

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