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The clutch is crucial to your truck in many ways. To begin with, the clutch transmits power from the engine to the gearbox. It practically used to break the connections between the engine and wheels. Besides, it allows you to interrupt the transmission when you want to shift a gear from a standstill position. 

The torque capacities can vary. Heavy-duty trucks need additional torque capacity compared to smaller sized trucks. The clutches from ATP have the reliability and efficiency to endure the high actuation conditions used in automatic transmission systems.


  • Bearing cage seal
  • Soft-rate dampers- help protect transmission synchronizers and driveline components from dangerous torsional movements and improve their reliability
  • Available in a range of sizes ranging from 280 to 430 millimetres
  • Stainless steel- long-term durability
  • Smooth, quick shifts
  • Application: Any brand of Trucks/ Trailers/ Busses/ Coaches/ Heavy Duty Vehicles/ Commercial Vehicles

Please Note: All Truck Parts LIMITED (ATP) is a truck and trailer parts OEM/ODM specialising in manufacturing and selling aftermarket custom-made products. We provide reliable, cost-effective, and high-quality replacement parts and accessories for all European, Japanese, and American truck models. If the products you are looking for are not listed on our website, please contact us about the products or models and we will find the one that fits your truck. The product’s definitive decision is contingent on both parties’ consent.

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