Hardware Kits



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ATP offers large comprehensive hardware kits for the automotive industry. Our hardware kits are versatile and are able to change/substitute/ add for one another parts. As we are an OEM/ODM industrialist, we are very adaptable and flexible to client’s requirements.

Hardware Kits

Our hardware kits has a comprehensive list of body hardwares used for trucks, trailers, coaches and heavy load trucks. The following are the few example of hardware kits we offered to clients: 

  • Brake shoe repair kits, 
  • Traction base repair kits, 
  • Camshaft repair kits, 
  • Comprehension locks 
  • Catch Plates 
  • Cam Lock Kits 
  • Mudflap 
  • Shoots Bolt
  • Steering knuckle repair kits and more.

Please Note: All Truck Parts Limited (ATP) is a manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket truck and trailer parts. We strive to offer multiple options with the parts they are interested in by providing a broad range of  compatible and aftermarket parts. We welcome all emails and phone inquiries regarding our inventory or others.

Please download the catalog for more specific parts. 

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