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In a truck, the starting solenoid is a relay that shuts a circuit by moving metal contacts into place. When the ignition key is turned, an electrical current is supplied to the solenoid. This activates the solenoid’s magnetic field, which pushes on the contacts and closes the circuit. A worn-out solenoid will leave you stranded. Our OEM solenoid is an exact-fit part that will bolt right into all those big name made trucks such as Mercedes,  DAF, Scania, Volvo and others.


  • 12V/ 24V available
  • Copper wires that are complete and sufficient for great performance. 
  • Long service life.
  • Glass fibre made head cover for added robustness.
  • The shell is galvanised in an environmentally friendly manner for high standards.
  • 100% performance test before packing.
  • Application: Any brand (Mercedes,Volvo, Scania‚Ķ etc) of Trucks/ Trailers/ Busses/ Coaches/ Heavy Duty Vehicles/ Commercial Vehicles 

Please Note: All Truck Parts limited (ATP) is one of the largest OEM/ODM manufacturers and distributors of aftermarket truck parts with offices and factories set up in America, Australia, Europe, Africa and China. We offer outstanding quality products, competitive wholesale pricing, fast shipping, professional service and after service care across all the countries. Our OEM/ODM truck parts offer the best savings you can get in the market. Due to redundant information, we do not list all of our products but we welcome your inquiry for products or models that could not be found on the website. The final decision of the product is subject to both parties’ agreement.

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