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The body serves a variety of purposes, including forming the passenger compartment, providing storage, and housing the automobile’s systems. Its strong construction, in most cases, shields passengers from the impact of an accident. Therefore, good quality of body parts is essential to ensure that your journey is smooth and safe. 

ATP offers a wide variety of commercial or heavy duty vehicles of body parts. Our inventory consists of any brand of busses, trucks and trailers you want. Door handle, door shell. Door hinge, window handle, corner panel, front fender, bumber, bull bar, lower step, front upper grille and more. 

 Manual Transmissions

Manual Transmissions are found in trucks of all sizes commonly. This is because manual transmission has the component to withstand the pressure encountered on the long haul journey while carrying heavy loads. This brings a large advantage over automatic transmission because it does not consume extra energy. Also, it is less expensive too!

Automatic Transmissions

The main feature of choosing automatic over manual is the less complexity to use and more comfortable for the driver. Many companies are transitioning their company vehicle into automatic transmission due to safety although receiving some resistance from drivers. Large corporations believe as it is easier to operate the vehicle, truck drivers will be less fatigued. In short, corporations believe that automatic transmission correlates with driver’s weariness. That is just a fun fact we discovered, however, there are more technical reasons as well. 

Have a chat with our technicians today to know which transmission you should invest in! 

Please Note: All Truck Parts LIMITED (ATP) is an aftermarket manufacturer and distributor who specialise in custom made truck and trailer parts. The above are one of the few body specs we can/may be incorporated into your desired requirements. We provide OEM/ODM services to large to small businesses. Our business portfolio includes manufacturing for reputable truck corporations.  For a more detailed and accurate design, please contact us. The final decision of the product is subject to both parties’ agreement.

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