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Drivers should feel confident of their truck when driving. A good quality truck brake will bring confidence to the truck drivers. ATP offers a wide range of truck brake drums, brake shoes, brake valves, brake linings, & brake kits. Our experienced team can help you to choose the brake that will best fit your truck and business or provide advice as you choose your own.

Maintaining Optimum Brake System

The benefit of brake drums compared to a disc is that it provides a large and long-lasting braking force and increased friction contact area, hence, these are one of the most critical parts of your truck and the owner should never compensate over the quality. So, selecting the proper and the right fit for your truck’s brake drum is crucial.

Other than choosing wisely, regular inspections on your truck are highly encouraged. Here are few other tips that show early indicators that it is time to replace or adjust your brake system. For example, cracked, greased stained, martensite spotted on the truck brake drums and more.

Replacing New Brake Drums

It can be overwhelming when choosing brake parts as there are a variety of types, brands, price, and quality in the market. Besides that, the new brake replacements must be compatible with existing parts of the truck. All parts must perform equally to have perfect and balance control over the vehicle. So, let us evaluate the right brake system for you and your business. ATP is here to solve it for you; even if the truck brake drums you are looking for are one of a kind. ATP is an OE Manufacturer; we can customize the design you want at our certified factories.

Special Brake Drums Customization Available

ATP offers a great range of truck brake drums, brake shoes, spring brakes, chambers, and kits. If you are unable to find the exact product that matches your mind, we can specially customize brake drums that suit your requirements.

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We are a reputable manufacturer and exporter that aims to deliver the most reliable truck and trailer accessories. Our factories in America and China possess ISO/TS16949 TUV certifications.

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