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Clutch and brake are important components to all types of vehicles. The truck clutch and brake help to stop the rotation of the internal transmission gears and input shafts. This allows quicker engagement of first or reverse gear during those initial shifts. Premium quality of clutch and brake is important to heavy-duty vehicles. Submit your interest today to discover our inventory list for clutch brakes and factory price.

Clutch and Brake Check

Here are a few tips to know why your truck is experiencing clutch brake failure.

Firstly, the friction material wears out. When this continues, your truck will begin to have metal to metal contact, leading to low speed in gears and eventually damaging the bearing and transmission cover.

Secondly, depressing the clutch pedal to the bottom of the floor while shifting and moving your truck. This may bring damage to the truck clutch and brake, pedal link, and transmission case too.

One helpful tip is to equip your truck with a trusted and approved supplier without burning a hole in your pocket.

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We hold a high standard on all our products and have gained trust from businesses and corporations all around the world. Road safety is important to us. As a manufacturer and supplier of truck parts, it is our duty to produce quality clutch and brake at an affordable price on behalf of all drivers. We want our clients and your customers to be confident with the parts supplied by ATP, hence, all our products have a guaranteed warranty of 12 months.

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ATP is a manufacturer, importer and supplier of truck clutch and brake. We produced industry-leading truck and trailer parts. We are constantly improving and staying ahead of our competitors. We innovate and aim to be at the forefront of the industry. Our factories are equipped with the best technology and machines. If you are looking to import or produce truck accessories at an aftermarket price, contact our team to sort everything out for you. Click here to check out other products

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