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ATP offers a wide range of tail lights including the LED technology. The truck tail lights manufactured by us are waterproof, dustproof and have greater visibility for safety. They are free from any maintenance and have a 100,000-hours lifespan. We have a wide range of tail lights available in different shapes and sizes. Talk to our team or submit your interest for a quote today.

Go Green With Your Truck

Be Eco Friendly by making small changes to your truck! You can start protecting the Earth by changing your truck tail lights to LED tail lights today! LED lights last longer and far more efficient. This indicates you will be using less power and having to replace your truck tail lights way less frequently.

Thanks to advanced technology, LED lights have gotten cheaper over recent years. It has become a common upgrade within vehicles because it increases the visibility of your brake lights, reverse lights, and rear turn lights. This makes it safer for you and all drivers on the road especially the ones who are behind your truck. It decreases the potential rear-ended collision as brighter brake lights can be seen further away, giving more time to the driver to react sooner.

At ATP, we are the manufacturers that can offer a wide assortment of LED truck lights replacement at factory price and any brands such as Volvo, Mercedes, Toyota and more. To see our aftermarket products, click the button below.

Your Glowing Presence on the Road

Besides the popular choice of LED truck tail lights, there are two other tail lights known as the halogen lights and Xenon lights. Halogen lights are the most common type of light and it is found in most vehicles. As for Xenon light, it has stronger, brighter and higher intensity compared to other lights.

As truck tail lights are a crucial provider to the safety aspect of the truck. No matter if it’s shine, snow or rain, truck tail lights will represent your presence on the road to other drivers. So, it is important to purchase durable and resilient tail lights to embrace any kind of weather conditions when you are on the road.

We Offer World-Wide Shipping

Browse our range of truck tail lights online and find the ones that meet you and your customers’ needs. ATP has tail lights to suit every type of truck and trailers. We accept large or small quantity orders. We offer free professional advice on our products and services. All our products come with a 12 months warranty. Talk to our team today for more information on bulk orders, single-unit order and services available.

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If you are looking to import a vast inventory of truck trailer parts at a highly affordable price tag, you are in the right place. We have manufactured and supplied to many businesses and large corporations. Our team is more than happy to provide you with the relevant information you need to make your decision. Submit your interest and we will get back to you.

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