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All Truck Parts Limited (ATP) is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter with a combined experience of 20+ years headquartered in New York, USA. We are the go-to supplier for all truck trailer parts anywhere in the world. Our vast experience locally and globally in the freight trailer industry, allows us to deal with any complication that is thrown at us easily. We have offices and warehouses in America, Europe, Africa and Australia. Our manufacturing plants in China are recognized and hold ISO/TS16949 TUV Certification.

You name it – We supply it! Any truck trailer parts you need, we will deliver right to your doorstep! No matter where you are. We have a vast production line and supply of American, European and Japanese truck accessories. Our product ranges include but are not limited to brake parts, lights, valve, axles, clutches, diagrams, shafts and the list goes on!

We Have A Large Range of American, Japanese & European Truck Parts


Our Products

product code

Brake chamber KAMAZ MAZ 24.3519200-01 T2424

product code

Brake chamber KAMAZ 25.3519301 T3024

product code

Brake chamber 661.3519200 KAMAZ MAZ T2420

product code

Brake chamber 661.3519100 T2020

product code

Brake chamber T3030DP 100.3519300

product code

Brake chamber with spring accumulator (complete, type 20/20) 100.3519100

product code

100.3519200 Rear brake chamber Type 2424DP MAZ KAMAZ

product code

Brake chamber T2424DD

product code

Spring brake chamber T2430DD

product code
T3030 Sealed

Brake chamber T3030 sealed

product code

Spring brake chamber T3030DD

product code

Automatic slack adjuster Haldex 72730


    First Class Customer Service

    At ATP, the Customer is King. We aim to establish a long-term relationship with every customer we come across. We treat every customer as a unique business client.  Every customer is assigned to their very own customer representatives. Any enquiries at any time or day will be responded to by the assigned customer representatives. Every customer representative is well trained and experienced in truck and trailer parts. We ensure doing business with us is a hassle-free journey.

    Not too sure what exactly you need? ATP’s customer representatives will only recommend suitable and cost-efficient truck and trailer parts for you. Our experiences and knowledge make us understand and are aware of the truck and trailer parts that are in demand on the market today.

    Consultation is FREE

    Call us to know our best truck trailer parts prices we can offer you!

    First Class Products

    Your safety on the road matters to us. Your truck is prone to wear and tear as it runs continuously on the road with heavy lifting and rough road surface at times. A malfunctioning truck trailer part will cause a major breakdown to a serious accident. So, using genuine and high-quality truck trailer parts is important and that is what All Truck Parts (ATP) offers. It is essential to only install truck trailer parts that are reliable and performed well.

    We sure know how it feels to drive the same truck you bought the first time. The truck and trailer parts recommend and supply by us will offer the full functionalities as you desired at a cost-effective price.

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    First Class Delivery

    All productions and orders are taken seriously. Our operation team is trained to facilitate a smooth delivery process to our customer. Quality assurance standards must be met before delivery. All truck and trailer parts manufactured must be inspected and approved before sending it to the client. Then, orders are packed carefully and delivered promptly. Hence, you can rest assured when conducting business with us.

    All talks and no action are not who we are. To prove our legitimacy, we are a certified manufacturer and supplier for all truck trailer parts. Our New York headquarters holds ISO/TS16949 TUV certification. Explore more to know our history and branches around the world and testimonies from our clients.

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